Ivory Coast 2 - 0 Guinea-Bissau Afcon 2024 Opening Match

Ivory Coast 2 – 0 Guinea-Bissau Afcon 2024 Opening Match


In a dazzling opening match at the Stade Alassane Ouattara, Ivory Coast showcased their prowess with a convincing 2-0 win against Guinea-Bissau, setting the stage for an exciting Africa Cup of Nations campaign. Seko Fofana and Jean-Philippe Krasso etched their names on the scoresheet, leaving the home crowd in high spirits.

1. Swift Start:

Ivory Coast wasted no time asserting their dominance, securing an early lead within four minutes. Seko Fofana’s brilliant maneuvering on the edge of the penalty area culminated in a powerful shot, leaving Guinea-Bissau’s goalkeeper with no chance.

2. Fofana’s Near Miss:

Fofana’s hunger for goals was evident, nearly securing a brace before halftime. A perfectly executed pull-back from Franck Kessie found Fofana in a prime position, but his thunderous effort was expertly tipped onto the crossbar by Guinea-Bissau’s goalkeeper, Ouparine Djoco.

3. Krasso’s Clinical Finish:

The second goal materialized 13 minutes into the second half, courtesy of Jean-Philippe Krasso. A skillful reception of Jonathan Bamba’s cross allowed Krasso to guide the ball home with finesse, solidifying Ivory Coast’s lead and delighting the home fans.

4. Guinea-Bissau’s Lone Opportunity:

Despite the controlled performance from Ivory Coast, Guinea-Bissau had a solitary chance to get back into the game. Substitute Franculino Dju’s attempt was, however, thwarted by a well-executed save from Ivory Coast’s goalkeeper, Yahia Fofana.

5. Franck Kessie’s Stellar Performance:

Acknowledging standout performances, Franck Kessie earned the title of Player of the Match. His energetic presence, relentless pursuit of possession, and a pivotal role in setting up scoring opportunities showcased the class and dynamism he brings to the Ivory Coast side.

6. Fan Expectations and Patience:

While Ivory Coast’s victory was impressive, the impatience of the home fans was noticeable. Expecting nothing short of victory, the crowd’s reactions hinted at the high expectations they have for their team in the tournament. The challenge lies in maintaining patience, especially when faced with adversity, to transform the Stade Alassane Ouattara into an unyielding fortress.

7. Looking Ahead:

As Ivory Coast basks in the glory of their opening triumph, attention turns to the upcoming clash with Nigeria. The next match promises to be a formidable test, and Ivory Coast must carry the momentum forward while addressing any areas of improvement revealed in this match.

8. Match Highlights


The Africa Cup of Nations has witnessed Ivory Coast’s resounding entry, marked by skillful goals, a stellar midfield performance, and an enthusiastic home crowd. As the tournament progresses, Ivory Coast aims to build on this victory, creating a legacy that echoes the resilience and determination ingrained in the history of the African National Congress.

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