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Let us design a beautiful professional website for your business

Get more customers

Types of Websites we design and benefits

Eccommerce | Online Stores

High quality professional websites to showcase all your products you want to sell.

Sell more products | reach more customers

Electricians | Mechanics | Car Services

Take your business to another level, showcase all your work within your website.

Let us upload high definition pictures of all your previously completed projects, this help alot to easily allow customers to see the quality of your services

Accountants | Administrators

Custome designed websites to meet any of the above business niches

We will do the hard work don't worry just send us your company profile and pictures

Small Businesses Packages

We have tailor made packages to assist small business owners in owning high quality professional website | similar quality to those used by big cooperates.

Why do we care?

Well we know how difficult it can be for a small business to be trusted by potential clients, by having and owning a business card with your company website address it then adds an extra layer of legitimancy to your business, that you are indeed a professional and you are, who you say you are.

Extra Marketing Tool

After having left a business meeting with a potential client for your business, you left them with your business card that has your professional high quality website, why is this important?

Ok lets just say for argument sake you dot have great marketing skils or even some decision makers from the potential client side were not present in the meeting. Our websites with high quality pictures of your business services you render and past projects will help doing marketing for your even when you not present.

Let us help your business, you are losing to many customers without having a high quality beautiful designed website.


Why are MzDigital websites are good for your business?

Feature 1

We register your domain. What is a domain | ok lets say your company name is “mzdigital” we will then register your company name as for instance, and that is your domain

Feature 2

Up to 10 professional business email addresses

Feature 3

Any business niche website we can design for you in order to attract right customers for your business

Feature 4

Fast loading web pages and easy to manage and maintain in quick turn around times


More on our Websites's design features

Responsive Designs

this is the top must-have feature of all websites for 2019 and is a must when it comes to Mzidigital website standards as well. With the number of people viewing information on tablets and mobile phones, it is vital to use a theme that allows users to view content clearly regardless of device.

Social Sharing Designs

In today’s web environment, social sharing is a must and themes have to be expandable and flexible with the number of social networks supported. At a minimum, MzDigital provides Facebook, Twitter social media sharing buttons for our clients to help their business content trend and receive more attention online, thus exposing their services.

Upgrade and Maintenance

We provide an annual service of upgrading your website design and test if everything still works and nothing is broken with links and pages.

Low Design & Hosting Fees

Our design fees are very low and aimed at assisting small business owners in affording to have a professional website. We charge a once off design and fee and also a monthly low hosting fee to keep your website live online.

John White-Rose


I am a software engineer my speciality is coding well as designing via programming in different computer languages. 

Skills>> Javascript, JQuery, bootstrap and AngularJS

Mzu Keli


WordPress Developer | back end and front end development

Skills>>CSS, HTML, PHP and Javascript

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